The objects of the ORDER OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR are declared to be patriotic, historical, and educational, and shall include those intended or designed to perpetuate the memory of those men and women who rendered honorable service for their country; to promote fellowship among their descendants; to inspire them and the community-at-large with a more profound reverence for the heritage, deeds, and memory of our ancestors; to encourage historical research; to acquire and preserve the records of their individual services, as well as documents, relics, and landmarks; to mark the scenes of the fallen soldiers by appropriate memorials; to celebrate the anniversaries of the prominent events of their time period; to foster true patriotism; to maintain and extend the institution of freedom.

Any man or woman shall be eligible for membership in the Order who, being a citizen of good repute in the community, is the lineal or collateral descendant, in the male or female line, of an ancestor, man or woman, who served in the armed forces or on the homefront, who was at all times unfailing in loyalty to, and redered active service in the cause for, his/her country.

The membership requirements for the Homefront or “Rosie the Riveter” are any jobs such as anyone:

  1. who worked in a wartime industry building war materials such as tanks, airplanes, ships for the war effort;
  2. who was a block warden checking blackout windows;
  3. who was with the American or International Red Cross;
  4. who was with the Merchant Marine;
  5. who was with the Federal Government in such wartime capacities as FBI, State Dept., War Dept., Selective Service, Rationing Boards, etc.;

I am sure that as time goes by we will find many more wartime job descriptions to list for eligibility requirements of the men and women who served their country. 1941-1945 were the dates of official American involvement in the Second World War; but this Order is open to anyone with an ancestor who served from any country, Allies or Axis, involved in the war from the year 1939 A.D. through the year 1945 A.D. (1939-1945).


Application for membership shall be made upon a blank form prescribed by the Order, and shall in each case set forth the name, residence and services of his/her ancestor or ancestors in the SECOND WORLD WAR from whom he/she claims eligibility.

An applicant for membership shall make oath that the statements in his/her application are true to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. The applicant shall send such applications, together with the admission dues, to the Registrar of the Order, who shall examine the claims of the applicant for eligibility; and no applicant shall be admitted to membership until the Registrar of the Order approves.

Each member of the Order shall be entitled to a certificate of membership, duly attested by the Commander of the Order and the Secretary of the Order, to which shall be affixed the seal of the Order.

Whenever an applicant for membership in the Order is a lineal descendant of a present or former member of the Order whose application contains definite authority for the ancestor of that present or former member having been eligible for the ORDER OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR, it shall only be necessary to establish his/her descent from such present or former member and include such member’s National Number, provided that proofs satisfactory to the Registrar of the Order are in his/her files to establish the line of descent from the ancestor to the present or former member.

Fees and Dues

The admission dues for Life Membership shall be two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00 - US Funds) payable to: OSWW. Life Members will receive the Badge of the Order (Insignia) and a Certificate of membership.

A fee of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00 - US Funds) payable to: OSWW shall accompany each supplemental claim for additional ancestral lines.

Please contact:
James D. Partin, Registrar
408 S. Emerald Woods Run
Farmington, AR 72730-7098

I do have an answering machine, so please talk to it and I will return your call.

Application Instructions

Enclosed is one (1) application to be filled out (typed on the computer) and returned to me at your convenience, together with a set of supporting “proofs” for each generation from your own up to and including that of your ancestor. Of especial importance is the proof of “linkage” between each generation. Keep a copy of the application and proofs for your personal files.

If your application and proofs are found to be complete and genealogically acceptable, you will be notified of your acceptance into the Society.

The following “basic-minimum” instructions should answer most of your questions.

  1. All names should be given in full – no initials. All dates should be written as follows: 06 Jul 1843, or 31 Sep 1856, etc. (note: three letters for the months).
  2. All places should include city, county, state for U.S. locations and city, county and/or state, country for all other place locations.
  3. The “Authorities as to Descent” or “Proofs” should refer to the corresponding generations listed on the application. In essence, they are really a “short-hand” or abridged thumbnail descriptions of the “proofs” which must accompany the application as supporting documentation. For example, the entries for Gen 1 might read as follows: Birth Cert. (Appl)(gen 1); Marr. Cert. (Appl/Wife)(gen 1). For Gen 2: Birth Cert. (Appl)(gen 1); Birth Cert. (Father)(gen 2); Birth Cert. (Mother)(gen 2); Marr. Cert. (Father/Mother)(gen 2); Death Cert. (Father)(gen 2), Death Cert. (Mother)(gen 2); etc. = on up through all generations including your ancestor. Please insert the first names of each person in place of the (Appl) (Wife) (Father) (Mother) examples that I have shown, such as Birth Cert. (John)(gen 2).
  4. Applicant, if you are married, be sure to include your Wife’s Birth Certificate with your application and list with the “proofs” for (gen 1).
  5. For each generation, birth, death and marriage dates and places are required (city, county, state and country) = to the fullest extent possible. LEAVE THE SPACE EMPTY if a date or place is unknown. If such primary source (vital records) data cannot be obtained, acceptable secondary sources might be, viz.:
    1. photos of gravestones and military grave markers;
    2. obituaries, including the name of newspaper and date;
    3. Bible records, including title page of family Bible;
    4. census records; (e) Wills; (f) deeds; (g) diaries;
    5. service records, from national or state archives; and
    6. published family histories and genealogies, including title page, etc.
    (Note: in quite a number of recent instances, national-level genealogists or registrars of many hereditary and patriotic societies have found family histories and genealogies to be unacceptable (or at least to be approached with caution) because of the many errors which have been found within).
  6. Preparation of supporting exhibits:
    1. On each exhibit highlight in yellow the names of each person listed on the application form (example: on a marriage cert. there may be shown the four parental names, as well as those of the bride and groom).
    2. Out in the left or right margin, or if necessary near the yellow highlighted name, indicate the generation concerned: such as Gen 2, Gen 3, etc. These generation identifiers should preferably be entered in green.
    3. Only one set of proofs (Exhibits) need be submitted.

All of the foregoing requirements, on the surface, may seem burdensome and perhaps unnecessary to you. However, if followed carefully and completely, they will make it far easier for the Registrar at State level and the Genealogist or Registrar at National level to recognize the professional quality of your application. The requisite thoroughness will also earn the gratitude of your descendants who may someday wish to use your application as a sound foundation upon which to base their own.

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ww2, ww2 1942, world war 2 history